16 Ways To Fight Against Mites

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16 Ways To Fight Against Mites

Update: 16-12-2022

We can't kill all dust mites, but we can drastically reduce their populations! Dust mites like supermarkets and warmth, not high temperatures. Where there is dust, there are dust mites. To kill dust mites, a dust mite vacuum cleaner is essential.

Today I will share 16 ways to remove mites, let's act now!

1. Bedding made of anti-mite materials;

2. Use 54-60 ℃ hot water to wash the bedding once a week, dry or sun dry;

3. Replace long-term used pillows and mattresses;

4. Do not use carpets;

5. Use a dehumidifier to control the air humidity at 30-50%;

6. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the bed, sofa, and floor, it is recommended to do it every other day;

7. Remove the plush toys, or wash them regularly;

8. It is advisable to use acaricide once a month;

9. Clean and clean every week, wipe the surface of the furniture to remove dirt and dust;

10. Use cotton curtains that are easy to wash and wash them frequently;

11. Use ventilation devices and open windows for ventilation to keep the air circulating and fresh;

12. Use a steam mop;

13. Regularly clean the dead corners of the kitchen;

14. Regularly clean the air conditioning filter;

15. Use an air purifier;

16. Keep pets out of bedrooms.

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