Be Careful to Use Household Vacuum Cleaners Incorrectly to Change Dusters

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Be Careful to Use Household Vacuum Cleaners Incorrectly to Change Dusters

Update: 14-10-2021

Attention should be paid to household vacuum cleaners, the wrong use of anti-change duster! If you are not very clear about the usage of household vacuum cleaners, please read on.

Many people like to use carpets inside, they feel clean and comfortable. As everyone knows, carpets are most prone to dust and bacteria, so they must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. However, there are also special cares when using a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, not only will it not be able to suck away the dust, but it may also raise more dust, which will endanger our daily life and health. Therefore, the author puts forward a few points that need to be paid attention to when using the vacuum cleaner:

1. Before using the vacuum cleaner, check whether the length of the power cord is sufficient and whether the power cord is intact. Check whether the inside of the vacuum cleaner is clean and usable.

2. Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should clean up the large garbage and paper scraps in the place. Because the main job of the vacuum cleaner is to vacuum, not to absorb these larger garbage stolen goods. Moreover, these large stolen goods are also easy to be sucked into the pipe to block the air inlet or the dust channel, which makes the vacuum cleaner not work properly. It is strictly forbidden to use a vacuum cleaner to suck unextinguished cigarette butts, carbon fire, broken glass, broken porcelain and other sharp objects to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner or other dangers.

3. It is best to wear a mask when using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum, because the use of a vacuum cleaner will easily cause dust to rise, and it is easier for users to inhale the raised dust. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or feet under the mouthpiece during use to avoid danger.

4. Keep away from water pumps, radiation sources and stoves when using vacuum cleaners. The suction power should also be adjusted appropriately according to the place of use, such as "strong" for blankets, "medium" for floors, and "weak" for curtains. When encountering different corners, choose appropriate nozzles to absorb the flying dust on the carpet respectively.

5. Due to the high power and high speed of the vacuum cleaner, the continuous use time should not exceed 1 hour, otherwise it will be easier to lose the service life. If you need to clean a lot of places, it's best to use them half an hour apart to prevent the host temperature from getting too high.

6. If you hear an abnormal sound during use, the vacuuming effect becomes poor, and the indicator point in the dust volume indicator reaches the alert (red) area, you should pay attention to check whether the vacuum bag of the vacuum cleaner is full or the filter is too dirty , Regular replacement of the dust bag and filter can maintain the high efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

7. In the process of use, pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter blocking the straw, or abnormal noise, smoke, etc., and you should stop using it immediately in the case of the above. Continue to use it after removing the foreign matter, otherwise it will burn the motor of the vacuum cleaner.

8. After using the vacuum cleaner, wipe the vacuum cleaner and accessories clean with a damp cloth, and then dry naturally in the air. The dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time. If it is not used temporarily, the dust bag should be washed with warm water and then dried naturally in the sun. Clean the hair and lint from the brush floor. The filter needs to be cleaned frequently to maintain a better suction power and also save electricity. If the dust bag is found to be worn out, it should be replaced immediately to prevent dust from entering the motor and damaging the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with a dust indicator should not work after it is full of dust. If it is found to be close to full gear, it should be shut down to clean the dust immediately.

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