Cord Vacuum Cleaner Vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Cord Vacuum Cleaner Vs Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 22-07-2022

General household vacuum cleaners are divided into horizontal vacuum cleaners and hand-held (upright) vacuum cleaners. The difference between the two is wired and wireless, which are the most traditional types of vacuum cleaners. Although there are still many people in Amway corded vacuum cleaners, wireless is the trend, and major brands are also working hard on wireless. And for general home use, the performance of wireless and wired is similar, but the convenience of wired is much worse.

Advantages and disadvantages of wired vacuum cleaners: Let’s talk about wired vacuum cleaners first, wired vacuum cleaners will be connected to the power supply, so the battery life is very long, as long as there is no power supply in your home, your vacuum cleaner will not stop. There is also a wired vacuum cleaner with high suction power, and the size of the dust box is how much garbage it can absorb. Generally, the whole house will not fill up the dust box after cleaning. Cord vacuum cleaners do not have the problem of battery life, and the suction power is large, and you can suck as long as you want, but at the same time, it is limited by the line, which is not convenient to use. If the home is small and medium-sized or used for land reclamation, it is recommended to buy a wired vacuum cleaner, which is more cost-effective.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless vacuum cleaners: But I have to say that wireless vacuum cleaners are indeed easier to use than wired vacuum cleaners. Let's not talk about the strength of vacuuming, just the floor space, it is completely wireless vacuum cleaners crushing wired vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum cleaner is also easy to use. You can clean wherever you want, how convenient it is, but what I like most is its treatment of hair. The battery life of the wireless vacuum cleaner is about 30 minutes, and the battery capacity of the wireless handheld is mostly 2200-2600mAh.

How to choose wired and wireless vacuum cleaners for small apartments or those with high requirements on the durability of the vacuum cleaner, directly choose the wired horizontal vacuum cleaner. Those who like wireless, value experience, and like technology, young people can choose wireless vacuum cleaners. The introduction of wireless vacuum cleaners is recommended for more than 1,000 yuan +, and wired horizontal vacuum cleaners can be within 100 yuan.

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