Function And Application of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Function And Application of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 19-08-2021

Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a kind of dust removal tool. Upright vacuum cleaners are mainly composed of three parts: dust collection, dust collection, and dust filtration, generally including series commutator motors, centrifugal fans, dust filters (bags) and dust collection accessories.

Generally, the power of a upright vacuum cleaner is 400-1000W or higher.

The upright vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because its "head" is equipped with an electric exhaust fan.

There is a wind impeller on the shaft of the exhaust fan. After power on, the exhaust machine generates strong suction and pressure at a speed of 500 laps per second. Under the action of the suction and pressure, the air is discharged at a high speed, and the air in the dust suction part at the front of the fan is constantly Replenish the air in the fan to cause an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner, which forms a negative pressure with the outside atmospheric pressure; brushes, long pipes, elbows, hoses, and hose connectors enter the dust filter bag, and dust and other debris are trapped in the dust filter bag. After being purified by the filter, it is discharged from the tail of the body.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with different parts to complete different cleaning tasks. For example, it can be equipped with a floor brush to clean the ground, and a flat-bristle brush can be used to clean sofa surfaces, sheets, curtains, etc., and a small suction nozzle can remove dust and dust in small corners. Dust in some household appliances.

Application areas of upright vacuum cleaners: carpets, car cleaning, electrical appliances, household appliances, etc.

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