How To Choose A Variety Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

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How To Choose A Variety Of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

Update: 14-10-2022

The popularity of cordless vacuum cleaners has simplified household cleaning and has become a must-have item for Chinese consumers in recent years. However, in the face of the dazzling array of cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, how should consumers choose?

Families with children: Prevent secondary pollution and protect the healthy growth of babies

Home cleaning is related to the healthy growth of your baby. However, many parents tend to ignore that a little dust may escape from the tail of the vacuum cleaner when dusting, causing secondary pollution in the home and affecting the home environment. Therefore, whether the vacuum cleaner has good sealing and high-efficiency filtration performance is one of the indicators that need to be measured when purchasing for families with children.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to consider the practicality and lightness of the machine, and a cordless vacuum cleaner that can efficiently remove dust and easily cover all parts of the home is worth considering.

Many consumers mistake the rated power for high-efficiency dust removal when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. According to the test reports of the Beijing Consumers Association and the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, the dust removal capacity is not directly related to the rated power.

Whether the vacuum cleaner can efficiently remove dust is determined by a combination of factors such as strong suction, the dust-grasping ability of the suction head, and whether the airflow passes around the motor with or without consumption and friction. The stronger the comprehensive ability, the better the dust removal performance.

Urban women: flexible control, and efficient cleaning is always online

Busy urban women generally have a fast pace of life, and taking advantage of the fragmented time to manage housework efficiently has become one of their main demands. Therefore, they need a cordless vacuum cleaner that can easily and efficiently complete cleaning tasks in a limited time, but also can meet the needs of irregular long-term deep cleaning. For urban women, lightness and long-lasting suction are one of important reference indicators for purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Maximum suction power and maximum suction sustaining capacity are two concepts that consumers often confuse. In the report released by the Beijing Consumers Association, the test results of the maximum suction power can be regarded as the maximum theoretical performance of the vacuum cleaner. Whether the vacuum cleaner can achieve lasting suction without loss from beginning to end depends on the continuous ability of the maximum suction, and the key lies in the cyclone. If the cyclone does not have excellent dust and gas separation ability when the machine is filtering dust, the air passage of the vacuum cleaner is easily blocked, resulting in the attenuation of suction.

Pet owners: powerfully remove mites and help keep away from allergies

For pet families, while enjoying the joyful company of cute pets, they also need to be alert to the problems caused by pet proteins contained in pet dander, such as dander and saliva allergens. Allergies are inextricably linked to the cleanliness of the home environment. A vacuum cleaner capable of deep cleaning the whole house, powerful dust removal, and removal of mites is very important for the home environment of pet families.

Consumers often see mite removal instruments marked with various functions on the market, such as (rated) high-power mite removal, UV mite removal, and heating mite removal. However, the traditional method of drying and beating and the "ultraviolet light" function used by many mites removers are not only not necessarily in line with the actual use of consumers but are also effective in killing mites on surfaces such as fabric mattresses and removing their excrement and corpses. Few, if any, deep allergens can be touched. According to the test report of the China Consumers Association, the actual mite removal efficiency is proportional to the inhalation power, and the mite removal efficiency of products with high-rated power is not necessarily good. The removal of dust mites mainly relies on strong suction, which is not directly related to other parameters such as rated power and ultraviolet rays.

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