How To Use A Household Vacuum Cleaner Correctly

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How To Use A Household Vacuum Cleaner Correctly

Update: 05-08-2022

There is a growing demand for vacuum cleaners. After buying a good household vacuum cleaner, how to use it correctly is also a very important issue in the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

1. When using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, move it in the direction of the carpet, so that the dust can be absorbed to keep the carpet hair flat and not damage the carpet.

2. Beware of using a vacuum cleaner to absorb flammable and explosive items or things with relatively high temperatures, so as to avoid burning or explosion.

3. Dry vacuum cleaners cannot absorb liquid, and ordinary household vacuum cleaners also try to avoid absorbing metal scraps, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the vacuum cleaner and affect performance.

4. If the dust bag type vacuum cleaner finds that the dust bag is damaged, it should stop vacuuming immediately and replace it immediately to avoid damage to the motor caused by dust.

5. It should not be used for a long time. If the dust accumulates on the filter bag after a period of use, the suction force will drop. You can shake the box body, and the dust will fall on the bottom of the box body, and the suction force will be restored.

6. If there is too much dust in the dust bag and dust bucket of the vacuum cleaner, remove the dust as soon as possible and keep the dust bucket clean so as not to affect the vacuuming effect and the heat dissipation of the motor.

7. If abnormal noise occurs during vacuuming or when not vacuuming, please check or send it for repair in time.

8. The vacuum cleaner should be placed in a dry place. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the switch when cleaning, otherwise, it may cause leakage or short circuit.

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