Several Characteristics Of High-Quality Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaners

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Several Characteristics Of High-Quality Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaners

Update: 28-10-2022

A few words will tell you the characteristics of high-quality dust mite vacuum cleaners so that you can learn to choose the correct vacuum cleaner.

1. Large suction, the mites remover mainly relies on moderate tapping, and then uses large suction to suck away the mites, and the mites above 12Kpa are almost the same.

2. Relying on ultraviolet rays to kill mites is nonsense. Many merchants blindly advocate ultraviolet rays to kill mites. Here we must know that if ultraviolet rays are to kill mites, it takes a 30W lamp to directly irradiate them for an hour to kill some of them. In actual use, mites will hide deep in the bedding, and the ultraviolet rays are easily blocked.

In addition, you can ask the businessman how many watts the UV lamp is. If there is no accident, it should not exceed 5W, and the cost is less than 5 yuan. But sterilization is still useful, so you can bring it with you, and you can pass it if you just advocate it.

3. Suction alone is not enough, because the mites have claws and will firmly grasp the quilt, so it is necessary to cooperate with moderate tapping. Here, it should be noted that the higher the tapping frequency, the better, the tapping amplitude is more important than the frequency.

In addition, it is not necessary to buy a mite remover. Many people are not allergic to mites, so there is no need. If you can bask in the sun two or three times a month, it is completely unnecessary.

But today's young people, who are usually 996, want to sleep in on weekends, and there may not be good weather. It is still a luxury to dry the quilt. If you are allergic to mites, suffer from rhinitis, or have children at home, buy one.

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