Who Needs A Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner In Their Home?

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Who Needs A Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner In Their Home?

Update: 30-09-2022

Although the threat and number of mites are exaggerated, it does not mean that mite removal is unnecessary. The reason is simple: dust mite allergens are ubiquitous, and the proportion of dust mite allergies is not low. So who needs a dust mite vacuum cleaner in their home?

Compared to the number of mites themselves, their excrement is the bigger trouble. During a lifespan of up to 10 weeks, a single house dust mite can lay 60-100 eggs while producing about 2,000 fecal pellets and more dust particles that carry digestive enzymes, which are dust mite allergens . And they appear in more than 95% of households.

Children's allergies make many parents distressed. Therefore, for friends who have shown allergy symptoms, the significance of removing mites is self-evident. Many cleaning behaviors in life can actually effectively reduce the infestation of dust mites.

Hot water above 55°C can kill all dust mites, while ordinary water washing can take away more than 90% of allergens. For ordinary fabrics, drying after washing also works well. In addition, frequent ventilation, reduce indoor humidity, remember to pat and dust when drying the quilt. For ordinary people, it is enough to do these daily cleaning activities.

The additional benefit brought by the mite removal function of the vacuum cleaner is mainly to absorb mites and their allergens from the apertures of fabrics that we do not usually clean. In this regard, in addition to considering whether its suction is strong enough, it is also necessary to ensure that dust is adsorbed and will not cause secondary pollution.

In conclusion, despite the exaggerated threat of mites, household mite removal is not entirely unnecessary. For the general population, it is sufficient to ensure normal sanitation. If you happen to be troubled by allergies, then a vacuum cleaner with a more complete mite removal function is also a reference choice.

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