Introduce Upright Vacuum Cleaner And Use Skills

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Introduce Upright Vacuum Cleaner And Use Skills

Update: 29-07-2022

The vacuum cleaner is a good helper for people in modern society at home. Today we will take a look at the upright vacuum cleaner and its use skills.

The vertical vacuum cleaner is a dust removal tool that can be operated upright. The vacuum hose can be installed on the vacuum pipe, act in sync with the vacuum pipe when cleaning and vacuuming, and can be decomposed with the vacuum pipe to reduce dust collection. Tube weight. Vertical vacuum cleaners are mainly composed of three parts: dust collection, dust collection, and dust filtering, generally including series-excited commutator motors, centrifugal fans, dust filters (bags), and dust collection accessories. Its power is usually 400-1000W or higher, and it is mainly suitable for dust cleaning in cars, electrical appliances, household appliances, carpets, etc.

The vertical vacuum cleaner can remove dust. The main reason is that an electric exhaust fan is installed on its head. There is a wind impeller on the shaft of the exhaust fan. After the power is turned on, the exhaust fan will rotate and generate suction and pressure. At this time Due to the dual effects of suction and pressure, the air inside will be expelled, and a vacuum will appear inside the vacuum cleaner, which will allow dust to enter the interior of the vacuum cleaner.

Tips for using upright vacuum cleaners

The use of the upright vacuum cleaner is actually very simple, and users can easily get started according to the instructions, so there is no need to worry about it. However, there are some small details to pay attention to. When using, first open the dust collector to check whether the dust filter bag is in good condition, then turn on the power, turn on the switch, and then select various functions according to different needs.

When using an upright vacuum cleaner, be careful not to block the vacuum cleaner, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the motor. The filter bag should be installed well, so as not to allow dust to enter the motor and affect the operation of the motor, and not absorb a large number of small particles with strong adsorption such as cement. Try to avoid contact with strong acid and alkali liquid, so as not to corrode the fuselage.

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