Maintenance And Maintenance of Small Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Maintenance And Maintenance of Small Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Update: 02-09-2021

Small industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers teach you how to properly maintain and maintain? Interested friends, please read on.

1. Customers must use garbage filter bags when vacuuming (to reduce the harm of dust to the motor)

2. All vacuum cleaners are made of stainless steel barrel with beautiful and elegant surface (no chemical liquids, acidic cleaning agent stock solution and other liquids that are harmful to stainless steel are allowed to enter

3. Maintenance of the garbage filter bag: When the garbage filter bag reaches a certain level of dust, please take out the secondary bag and vacuum it up.

4. Check whether the power cord and plug are damaged. After use, wind the power coil into a bundle and hang it on the hook of the top cover of the machine head.

5. After the water absorption is completed, check whether the air inlet is blocked or debris, otherwise it needs to be cleaned. Check whether the floating wave is damaged

6. The machine needs to be handled with care and no external force impacts the mobility

7.When cleaning the machine, please wipe it with a damp cloth containing water or a neutral detergent. The head of the main unit is strictly prohibited to be immersed in water for cleaning.Do not use corrosive detergents such as gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack.

8. Do not make the machine work continuously for a long time, please control the continuous working time within 4 hours, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine.

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