Maintenance Tips For Household Vacuum Cleaners

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Maintenance Tips For Household Vacuum Cleaners

Update: 28-01-2023

Household cleaning is inseparable from vacuum cleaners, especially in homes with carpets. Vacuum cleaners can effectively remove dust and mites that are difficult to remove from carpets, and can fully protect the health of family members. The following is an introduction to the maintenance skills of household vacuum cleaners, welcome to read!

1. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage of the place of use is consistent with the rated voltage marked on the vacuum cleaner.

2. If the vacuum cleaner has a ground wire, it should be connected before use.

3. Before use, the large dirt and paper pieces in the cleaned place should be removed, so as not to be sucked into the suction pipe to block the air inlet or dust passage during work, so that the vacuum cleaner cannot work normally.

4. General dry vacuum cleaners are not allowed to absorb wet soil or sewage, so as not to damage the motor.

5. Once the foreign matter is found to block the straw during use, stop using it immediately. Continue to use after removing foreign matter, otherwise, the motor will be burned.

6. The ash storage box of the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned frequently, otherwise the dust collection efficiency will be reduced.

Simple Household Vacuum Cleaner Repair Tips

1. Check the hose and nozzle

2. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner, shake off the dust in the hose, and clean up the blockage at the suction nozzle or dust cup.

3. It may be that the bristles of the dusty rotating brush have been worn out

Although the motor rotates, the rotating brush cannot dust, so the suction is very weak. At this time, remove the rotating brush and adjust the position of the rotating brush assembly so that the bristles of the rotating brush are closely attached to the ground, and the rotation can fully lift up the dust. If the wear is serious, replace it with a new brush.

4. It may be that the fan blades are not fixed tightly

When the fan blade slides on the motor shaft, it also affects the dust collection effect. The set screws of the fan blades should be tightened tightly.

Five points for attention when purchasing household vacuum cleaners:

1. Look at the wattage Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the stronger the suction. General household vacuum cleaners are sufficient.

2. Listen to the sound. When the vacuum cleaner is started, it will make a loud noise. If you listen too much, it will be harmful to the human body.

3. Is it convenient? The big wheels make it easier to move.

4. Is there any speed regulation? The speed regulation function is to adjust the power of the machine head. When you need low suction, the speed regulation can help you save power, and when you first turn on the head, use the smallest number of revolutions to start it, which is beneficial to protect the machine. head.

5. Compare vacuum cleaner prices.

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