Some Details About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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Some Details About Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Update: 10-02-2023

The cordless vacuum cleaner is a very good type of vacuum cleaner among our many types of vacuum cleaners. It solves the problem of the long power cord that the vacuum cleaner must use. It is very convenient and convenient, so today in order to enhance everyone's understanding of our wireless vacuum cleaner, let me give you a detailed introduction to some of our wireless vacuum cleaners for your understanding.

cordless vacuum cleaner
The cordless vacuum cleaner is a new type of vacuum cleaner that does not require a power cord to complete the vacuuming work. Like a mobile phone, it uses a charger to keep the machine running. Generally, it needs to be charged for 4-10 hours to complete the charge, and it can continue to work for 20-30 minutes. The cordless vacuum cleaner has a built-in drive motor. Turn on the vacuum cleaner switch to run the machine. The cordless vacuum cleaner will clean according to the drag of humans. There is no power cord to restrain it. Whether it is cleaning the ground, cleaning the gaps between doors and windows, or cleaning the car, it is very free. Compared with wired vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners are tailor-made for those who pursue efficiency and convenience. You can clean in different rooms, and the cleaning radius is infinitely expanded. Extending from the living room to the horizontal, there is no need to be bound by the power supply; from the bottom of the sofa to the corner, it is dual-purpose for vertical and handheld, and a wireless vacuum cleaner can solve all troubles. The cordless vacuum cleaner can easily suck up melon seed shells, food residues, leaves, dust, cigarette butts, etc.

The working principle of the cordless vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at high speed, sucking in air from the suction port so that a certain vacuum is generated in the dust bucket, and the dust enters the dust bag or dust grid in the dust bucket through the brush head accessories and the main suction pipe, and the dust is left in the dust bucket. In the dust bag or bucket body, the air filtered by the filter enters the motor and then flows out through the motor. The filter material is generally made of non-woven fabric, which is cleaner and easier to clean.

The most prominent feature of the cordless vacuum cleaner is that it does not drag the power cord, it can be sucked when it is dirty, and it can be cleaned easily. While ensuring strong suction, it can achieve the best cleaning effect at one time: the straight and smooth air inlet allows air to enter quickly; the arc-shaped air passage helps the air to accelerate into the cyclone chamber, separating it from dust and achieving high speed The purpose of vacuuming; combined with the electric floor brush, the motor can be actively rotated to clean, reducing the energy consumption of the host and ensuring long-lasting suction.

The biggest advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is that it can be carried anywhere, whether it is taken to camp or kept in the car, especially for families with child seats installed in the car, having a cordless vacuum cleaner helps the family solve a big problem. trouble.

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