Teach You Four Ways To Learn To Choose A Handy Vacuum Cleaner

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Teach You Four Ways To Learn To Choose A Handy Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 23-12-2022

Although horizontal vacuum cleaners are still the mainstream in the market, hand-held vacuum cleaners are chosen by more and more families due to their more practical functionality and more technological appearance, and they are likely to catch up. Various manufacturers aimed at business opportunities and launched new products one after another. This creates a dilemma for consumers: there are so many hand-held vacuum cleaners on the market, how to choose?

In fact, as long as you pay attention to these four points, you are guaranteed to choose a high-quality and low-cost handy vacuum cleaner.

1. Suction

The size of the suction can be said to be the "soul" of a vacuum cleaner. Regardless of the brand of handheld vacuum cleaner, only a vacuum cleaner that can clean the floor is a good vacuum cleaner. The suction power determines the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner, so choose a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. It is worth noting that there are both brushed and brushless motor vacuum cleaners on the market, and the vacuum cleaner with brushless motor has a longer service life.

Two, battery life

Although the handheld vacuum cleaner is not bound by the power cord, it is "the back of the neck of fate" choked by the electricity. If the battery life is not long enough and you need to clean the room multiple times, then buying a handheld vacuum cleaner doesn't make much sense. Therefore, choose a handheld vacuum cleaner with a lithium battery, and the battery life is three times that of a vacuum cleaner with a general battery.

3. Is there a filter system

A hand-held vacuum cleaner with a filter system can prevent the filter from clogging, ensuring that the hand-held vacuum cleaner can maintain strong suction for a long time without opening the machine to clean the filter all the time.

4. Size of dust box

As we all know, the larger the volume, the more things you can hold. In the same way, the larger the dust box of the handheld vacuum cleaner, the more garbage it can hold, so you don't have to open the dust box to clean the garbage inside, saving time and effort.

When buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, as long as you pay attention to these four points, you can easily buy a high-quality and low-cost vacuum cleaner.

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