The Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Household Vacuum cleaners

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Household Vacuum cleaners

Update: 05-08-2021

The mainstream household vacuum cleaners is horizontal and hand-held. Today I will mainly share with you how to choose these two types of vacuum cleaners!

The horizontal vacuum cleaner is the model with the highest market share of household vacuum cleaners.

Advantages: large suction power and long-lasting, plug-in use does not need to consider battery life, large dust holding capacity, and relatively cheap price.

Disadvantages: The noise is loud, the appearance is cumbersome, and it is inconvenient to drag the body when using it.

The horizontal type is suitable for users who have high requirements for cleanliness in the home. Because cleaning and meticulousness require long-lasting suction, this is the strength of the horizontal type. If the home is large, a horizontal vacuum cleaner is more recommended.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are also called rod-type vacuum cleaners. They are the most popular vacuum cleaners in recent years. They are compact and exquisite in appearance and have very high appearance.

Advantages: The body is light and it is mostly rechargeable. There is no need to consider the problem of wires. It can be easily cleaned on the ground or on high places. With a variety of brush heads, it can clean sofas, beds, car seats, keyboard gaps, etc.

Insufficiency: The power is generally not high, the suction power is much worse than that of the horizontal type, and the endurance is average, the attenuation of the battery will be more obvious if the battery is used for a long time, and the price is generally higher.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are suitable for users who have high requirements for convenience. In addition, it is more practical for users who have cats and dogs at home. It can be said that cleaning the sofa bed is very convenient.