Vacuum Cleaners Also Require Routine Maintenance

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Vacuum Cleaners Also Require Routine Maintenance

Update: 15-07-2022

With the accelerated pace of life, whether it is an urban white-collar worker returning home from work or a full-time housewife, all hope to be properly relieved from the tedious housework, and the vacuum cleaner is a good helper for us, but you really know how to Do you use a vacuum cleaner?

According to experts, prolonged use of vacuum cleaners without internal cleaning can make a person's body sick. After filtering, smaller dust particles can be slipped back into the air, causing allergies and asthma. The motor of household vacuum cleaner adopts single-phase series excitation motor, the input power is 100-1200W, and the speed is 10000-30000r/min. The series motor is harder than the general-purpose single-phase series motor in mechanical properties, so that when the air duct conditions change, that is, when the motor load changes in a large range, the motor speed does not change much, that is, it can keep the vacuum cleaner in good condition. vacuuming performance.

How to use the vacuum cleaner and matters needing attention

1. Use the vacuum cleaner with care to avoid impact. After use, clean up the sundries in the bucket and all vacuum accessories and dust bags in time. And clean after each work, check for perforation or air leakage, and thoroughly clean the dust grid and dust bag with detergent and warm water, and air dry it. Do not use dry dust grid dust bags.

2. Note that the hose should not be folded and folded frequently, and should not be stretched and bent excessively. Usually, the vacuum cleaner should be stored in a ventilated and dry place.

3. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb gasoline, banana water, flaming cigarette butts, broken glass, needles, nails, etc., and do not absorb wet objects, liquids, sticky objects and dust containing metal powder, so as to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and accidents.

4. In the process of use, once a foreign body is found to block the straw, it should be shut down immediately to check, and the foreign body should be removed before continuing to use. When using, fasten the hose, nozzle and connecting rod interface, especially the small gap nozzle, floor brush, etc., pay special attention.

5. If it is used for a long time, it should be paused every half an hour. Generally, continuous work should not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, continuous work will cause the motor to overheat. If the machine does not have automatic cooling protection, it will easily burn out the motor and affect the service life of the machine. If the main unit is hot, emits a burning smell, or has abnormal vibration and noise, it should be repaired in time, and do not use it reluctantly.

While enjoying the convenience that the vacuum cleaner brings to us, it is also necessary to maintain it reasonably so that it can exert its maximum function and prolong its service life. Contact us for wholesale rechargeable vacuum cleaners!