Water-Filtering Dust Mite Vacuums Cleaner Keep You Safe From Asthma

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Water-Filtering Dust Mite Vacuums Cleaner Keep You Safe From Asthma

Update: 19-08-2022

If you want to completely remove dust, mites and all kinds of invisible dirt from your home, you need a powerful dust mite vacuum cleaner. However, few people realize that when using a vacuum cleaner, the dust and mites sucked into the dust bag may leak from the gap and be discharged with the air circulation. Such "vacuum cleaner exhaust" is very harmful. This is why you think your home is clean, but your family still has allergies and asthma!

In order to completely solve the problem of harmful exhaust gas in vacuum cleaners, a new water-filtered vacuum cleaner has been developed.

Using the water tank as a dust collecting box, using the natural force of water, under the action of strong suction, the water in the filter rotates at a high speed, which can immediately combine the dust with the water and can no longer enter the air. This is the first step of water filtration.

For families with pets, it is possible to breed fleas. Fleas are difficult to catch but most afraid of water. With this vacuum cleaner, all fleas and eggs can be sucked into the water and killed instantly.

High-efficiency filtration, cleaner exhaust emissions, adding 1-2 drops of perfume to use, after vacuuming, the home can become fragrant!

After the water is filtered, if there are dust and harmful substances that are almost invisible to the naked eye, they will be firmly blocked by the next two levels.

The tail of the motor adopts a HEPA13 high-efficiency filter, which can filter 99.9% of dust particles and suspended solids. All fine particles with a diameter greater than 0.3 microns will be blocked in the vacuum cleaner (the diameter of the hair is 80 microns) to ensure that the exhaust gas is absolutely clean.

And this vacuum cleaner does not need a dust bag, saving costs and saving money, and it is easy to clean. Fill the water tank with tap water, and pour out the dirty water directly after use. Compared with common dust bags and dust buckets, it is not as easy to breed bacteria as dust bags, and it will not cause secondary pollution like dust buckets when dumped.

Crevice nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as crevices, grooves, and other tight areas. It also cleans carpets, sucking away tiny particles hidden in the plush.

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