Why is Cordless Vacuum Cleaner So Popular?

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Why is Cordless Vacuum Cleaner So Popular?

Update: 12-08-2021

Today we will briefly learn about cordless vacuum cleaner-related information, and those who are interested can read on.

The working principle of the cordless vacuum cleaner is that the motor of the vacuum cleaner rotates at a high speed and sucks in air from the suction port to generate a certain vacuum in the dust bucket. The dust enters the dust bag or the dust compartment in the dust bucket through the brush head accessories and the main suction pipe, and the dust is left behind. In the dust bag or barrel, the air filtered by the filter enters the motor and then flows out through the motor. The filter material is generally non-woven, which makes the filter cleaner and easier to clean.

Features: Freedom from being entangled by the power cord, saving time and effort, purifying the air, super suction, light and compact, cordless and safe.

1. Save trouble and effort: There is no need to find power strips everywhere in the whole process, which reduces the burden of operation and saves more time for a happy time with family members.

2. Low noise: less than 65 decibels, which is lighter than other household vacuum cleaners.

3. Lightweight and compact: easy to clean to the edge of the dead corner that ordinary vacuum cleaners can't clean.

4. Picture-in-picture design: When using the pushrod type, it can clean large areas such as the ground and carpet; when using the hand-held device, it can clean up small dust such as keyboards, air-conditioning gaps, and care gaps.

The following points should be paid attention to during the use of the cordless vacuum cleaner:

1. Do not use in a damp environment to prevent the motor from being damp and causing a short circuit and fire.

2. Don't suck matches, cigarette butts and other flammable items into the cordless vacuum cleaner

3. The work efficiency of the cordless vacuum cleaner itself is low, so the battery must be fully charged before use, so as not to affect the use of the vacuum cleaner when outdoors.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use cordless vacuum cleaners inflammable and explosive hazardous situations to avoid fire and explosion accidents.

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