Working Principle And Usage Method Of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

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Working Principle And Usage Method Of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 20-01-2023

The vehicle vacuum cleaner first converts the DC power in the car into AC power through an inverter, and then uses it for the vacuum cleaner. It has strong suction and can easily pick up four 12-pound bowling balls. The suction power is 8-10 times that of ordinary vehicle vacuum cleaners. Because it uses alternating current, users can also take it home for use.

How to use the vehicle vacuum cleaner?

When using a vehicle vacuum cleaner, instead of pointing the nozzle at the seat and sucking it violently, it is necessary to blow off the dirt first and then suck it. The dust stuck in the car can be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. In fact, very little, especially for household vacuum cleaners and small vacuum cleaners for cars, the suction power is even lower.

For those dust that can't be vacuumed up, use a duster to slap the outside of the car. For example, for a seat made of velvet, you can first dust the dust that has penetrated the cushion, and then use a vacuum cleaner, which works better. It should be noted that the force should not be too strong when dusting, otherwise the object being dusted will be easily damaged. When dusting, because there is a lot of dust flying in the car, the door must be fully opened, and the air conditioner must be turned on to blow the dust out of the car.

Vehicle vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with an extension cord up to three meters long enough to vacuum and clean any corner of the car, and the vehicle vacuum cleaner uses the car cigarette lighter socket as the power collection socket, so there is no need to worry about power failure problem, it can be used at any time in the car. It is necessary to convert the mains electricity into DC through a transformer and a rectifier circuit, and then connect it to the plug of the cigarette lighter to use it. But it should be noted that the power supply voltage needs to be changed according to the working current marked on the vacuum cleaner, or a suitable rectified power supply product should be purchased.

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