How Many Types Of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner Can Be Classified By Function?

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How Many Types Of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner Can Be Classified By Function?

Update: 23-09-2022

How many types of vehicle vacuum cleaner can be classified according to their functions?

According to the function of use, car vacuum cleaners can be roughly divided into utility, wet and dry, carpet and waxing vacuum cleaners.

1. Dry vacuum cleaners The midday vacuum cleaners are the types of vacuum cleaners described above.

2. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners In addition to having the same performance and uses as dry vacuum cleaners, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also absorb liquids such as soapy water or multi-aqueous foamy dirt. In the family's washroom, it can be used to absorb the residual water or liquid Qinggujing after washing. It can also be used outdoors to remove fallen leaves or muddy water. This vacuum cleaner uses a bypass type waterproof motor 'fan, and the structure is more complicated than the dry type. The input power of this vacuum cleaner is between 200-500 watts, and it can suck in 1o liter of water when it is wet. When dry, it can inhale about 14 liters of rubbish.

3. The appearance of the carpet vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a special brush on the bottom, which is specially designed for cleaning carpets. The angle of the bottom part and the column part can be adjusted into three positions to suit the operation in various occasions. When standing in the lowest position, you can clean the carpet under the bed and sofa. Carpet vacuums are slightly louder than dry vacuums.

4. The bottom of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2~3 dramas, and the suction port is located near the brush. When waxing, the dust brought by the rotating brush is sucked away. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is mainly waxing.

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