The Structure And Working Principle Of The Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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The Structure And Working Principle Of The Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 11-11-2022

Vacuum cleaners are also gradually entering into technological innovation. Now there are drag-line industrial vacuum cleaners, battery industrial vacuum cleaners, special industrial vacuum cleaners, etc. in China. Among them, the rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device that is used more.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are not yet fully popularized, and the current power supply used in industrial rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaners is a DC battery pack with a voltage of 48V. In our country, the safe voltage is 36V, while the safe voltage in EU countries is 48V, that is to say, only after the voltage reaches 48V, its power, flow, vacuum degree, etc. can reach the standard used in industry. But there is still a certain difference compared with some industrial vacuum cleaners with too much power.

The structure and working principle of the rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner:

In fact, the rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner does not need to be connected to AC power and relies on its own battery to work. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner is divided into a suction fan, a battery pack, a dust storage room, a hose, a hard pipe, and a suction port of different shapes. It has a high-vacuum electric suction fan. Instant vacuum, so that the internal air pressure is much lower than the external air pressure. Under the action of this air pressure difference, dust and dirt enter the dust storage chamber of the vacuum cleaner with the airflow, and then pass through the filter of the collecting filter, and the dirt remains under the action of centrifugal force The dust is collected into the trash can, and the purified air is discharged from the outside of the machine through the air outlet, and the work goes on and on.

Rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner application range:

The range of use of rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaners is also very wide, such as squares, elevators, stations, trains and passenger planes, etc., and can also be used on three-wheeled electric sanitation vehicles. Suck it into the trash can on the car, which can greatly reduce the workload of workers and the contact with garbage. Some large conference rooms and workshops, especially in an environment without power supply and inconvenient power supply, can highlight its superiority.

Rechargeable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Battery Types

The current battery of battery is still a gel battery (that is, a solidification liquid is added to the lead-acid battery), and it is also the most widely used battery at present. Because colloidal batteries are cheap, but they are large and heavy, and cause secondary pollution to the environment, they are gradually being phased out.

Lithium battery is a power supply battery popularized in China. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight, and long service life, but it is expensive and difficult to popularize. In the general use environment, when the indoor temperature is (37-38) ℃, the voltage is about 24-48V, and the continuous working time is 6-8 hours, which should be determined according to the capacity of the battery. It can also be used in an environment of minus 16°C, provided that the battery must be charged at room temperature.

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