Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Are Enough To Change Your Life

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Are Enough To Change Your Life

Update: 18-11-2022

If you've ever skipped vacuuming because a heavy, bulky plug-in vacuum felt like a huge liability, a cordless vacuum could change your life.

Most cordless models are slim, lightweight stick vacuums that many people find comfortable to use even on stairs or in tight spaces. When you get the urge to clean, just grab the vacuum: you don't have to untangle cords, hunt for outlets, and deal with tangles and snags. Since cordless vacuums are compact and are often packaged with a wall-mounted charging stand or floor stand, they are often stored in plain sight. All of this lowers the barrier to actually using the vacuum cleaner, so you may find yourself cleaning more often—and thus living with fresher air, cleaner floors, and cleaner feet.

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been around for decades. But until a few years ago, they were weak cleaners, used for simple tasks like picking up a few crumbs or a strand of hair from a bare floor. If that's what you still want a cordless vacuum to do, you can pick just about any cordless vacuum and it will work just fine. We're not confident enough in any of these cheaper vacuums to make one an official Wirecutter pick, but we can point you to a couple that might work.

But today, a few cordless vacuums are good enough to be workhorse vacuums for many homes, picking up dirt and grit from thick carpet, keeping up with furry pets, and offering enough battery life to handle sprawling square footage.

As a bonus, most modern cordless stick vacuums can also transform into handheld vacuums for super convenient above-floor cleaning (such as upholstery or ceiling cobwebs) and car cleaning.

Plus, cordless vacuums tend to be easy to maintain. They are almost always bagless and usually have a filter and brush belt to extend the life of the vacuum cleaner. They also come apart in a few key places so the clogs are easy to remove. A two-year warranty is the industry standard (although there are some exceptions).

Once you get used to a cordless vacuum, it can be difficult to go back to using a plug-in. To learn more, contact Car And Home Vacuum Cleaner Company.