Which Is The Most Practical Household Vacuum Cleaner?

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Which Is The Most Practical Household Vacuum Cleaner?

Update: 25-11-2022

With the development trend of the times, vacuum cleaners have already changed from tepid market sales to floods in countless households. A large number of young people choose to buy vacuum cleaners, which shows that vacuum cleaners have long been very important. When our homes have to be cleaned, a vacuum is a must. In some corners, beds, tops of kitchen cabinets, and areas that everyone can't clean are very easy to fix. Therefore, vacuum cleaners have become a must-have cleaning partner at home, so which household vacuum cleaner is more practical? Let's learn more about professional knowledge together.

1. Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners: Upright vacuum cleaners consist of most dust vacuum cleaners and dust filters generally including a series of motor rotor motors, centrifugal fan fans, dust filters (bags), and a vacuum accessory. The actual operation time of the vacuum cleaner is to achieve the principle of negative pressure, and the same portable vacuum cleaner, causes liposuction to clean, but the total power of the upright vacuum cleaner is suitable for large-scale carpet cleaning other than 400-1000W. , but the application of such vacuum cleaners in the home is not very common, because they have long abandoned the application of household carpets.

2. Horizontal vacuum cleaner

Horizontal vacuum cleaner: The horizontal vacuum cleaner is small in size, easy to store, large in vacuum volume, small in appearance design, unique in vacuum design, strong in cleaning ability, and has a volume of 400-1000W. A high-powered motor that cleans areas uncovered by workers. Because of its strong adsorption, it has the disadvantage of large noise. Horizontal vacuum cleaners can only be used in dry natural environments and cannot absorb moisture.

3. Barrel vacuum cleaner

Bucket vacuum cleaner: The pure water bucket of the vacuum cleaner is mainly used for cleaning practical operations, such as it is mainly used to uniformly clean the filter and collecting solid waste and liquid waste on the ground or wall of a single-family house. High-capacity, high-power, powerful vacuum cleaners are equipped for wet and dry applications, and many customers get their followers, but the large size, high functional loss, increased cost, and high noise cannot be ignored.

4. Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: For the most convenient and popular consumer vacuum cleaners, traditional streamlined vacuum cleaners generally have a dustbin and are relatively heavy and connected. Changing and dragging the plug can scratch the floor. In addition to that, the drop ceiling, ceiling lights, etc. are too big to clean. Vacuum cleaners A vacuum cleaner is the most suitable because it is integrated with the dust removal device and motor, so it is generally versatile, lightweight, and too tall for easy cleaning.

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