Three Important Points When Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner

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Three Important Points When Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 02-12-2022

Vacuum cleaner suction is often blocked? Neighbors can hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner running. This is all caused by carelessness when purchasing. In fact, as long as we grasp these 3 points before purchasing, we can choose a vacuum cleaner with better quality and more practicality. Let's take a look!

1. Look at the cleaning ability

No matter what type of vacuum cleaner it is, the motor drives the blades to rotate at high speed to form a vacuum in the confined space, thereby sucking dust into it. But why is there a difference in cleaning power? In fact, in addition to suction, the dust collection and filtration of the vacuum cleaner also play a decisive factor.

2. Suction and power

The suction power is closely related to the motor power of the vacuum cleaner and the overall sealing performance. The power of the vacuum cleaner generally depends on the design, usually below 1400W, and then configuring the appropriate power according to the size of the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners have several important indicators to measure the superiority of their performance, such as suction power and suction efficiency, that is, when the vacuum cleaner is working, it reaches the optimal power. These comprehensive indicators can have a certain impact on the cleaning power of the vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, the so-called "high power, high suction" gimmick of some merchants is not the key to the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner. Not to mention that the suction power and power of most vacuum cleaners on the market are similar. Even high power and high suction power may not necessarily bring efficient cleaning power. This is also a misunderstanding when purchasing.

3. Dust collection effect

The cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner relies heavily on dust collection and filtration after inhalation. We can understand it this way. All vacuum cleaners can suck, but after some inhaling dust, some will raise dust, and some can firmly fix the dust in the dust box. This is the difference in cleaning power.

At present, the dust collection mode of the vacuum cleaner is generally divided into two categories: one is the dust bag type, and the other is the dust bagless type.

1. Dust bag type

Features: Compared with the traditional filtering method, the materials are mostly paper and cloth. Throw it away after use. Although it is convenient, it is not environmentally friendly. The filtration efficiency is only 60%. After the improved material, the filtering effect can reach 80%, but the overall filtering effect is average.

However, when the dust bag vacuum cleaner is used, it is easy to block the ventilation holes of the dust bag, which affects the cleaning efficiency, and when the bagged dust bag is dumped or discarded, it will cause dust problems.

2. Dustless bag type

As the name suggests, the bagless bag does not need a dust bag but collects dust through a dust box without consumables. The bagless dust collection filter is relatively complicated, mainly divided into two types: cyclone and water filter.

Let’s talk about cyclone filtration first. Cyclone filtration is to use the high-speed centrifugal force formed by the rotation of air in the dust collection bucket to separate dust and gas. The dust falls into the dust bin due to gravity, and the separated air is discharged after being filtered by the motor protection filter and HEPA.

Another is water filtration, which uses water as a filter medium to first dissolve and lock dust and microorganisms in the water, and then further filter through the filter. The air discharged in this way is often cleaner than the inhaled air, so there is no need to worry about secondary pollution.

Water filtration should be the best way for vacuum cleaners to collect and filter dust at present. It does not raise dust and is relatively clean and environmentally friendly, but the cleaning of the water filter is also the most troublesome of the three. Water must be drained every time it is used, and the water tank must be cleaned after use.

Summary: It is not recommended that you buy a dust-collecting vacuum cleaner. Non-collecting vacuum cleaners, cyclonic filtration and water filtration have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to clean more easily, choose the cyclone type, and if you want to filter more efficiently and quickly, choose water filtration.

3. Filter grade

Filters on the market are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Non-woven fabric filter, the filtering effect is below 99.8%, and it has no blocking effect on dust.

2. The multi-fiber filter element has a dust collection rate of over 99.8%, which can filter various types of dust and dust-like substances. It is a mid-range configuration.

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