What'S The Difference Between A Handheld And An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

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What'S The Difference Between A Handheld And An Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Update: 21-10-2022

It is said that nowadays families are less and less likely to use traditional tools such as brooms and mops for cleaning, but will choose vacuum cleaners, an emerging appliance, to replace them. However, there are not many people who choose vacuum cleaners in the existing market, so even if you want to buy a set to use at home, few people around you can give more reliable advice. There are many types of vacuum cleaners now, so which one is more suitable, and what is the difference between hand-held vacuum cleaners and ordinary vacuum cleaners? Here's a comparison of the selection of vacuum cleaners.

Types of vacuum cleaners worth choosing

Vacuum cleaners can generally be divided into vertical, horizontal, bucket and hand-held types according to their structure.

In simple terms, upright vacuum cleaners are the product of the integration of the suction head and the body. They are suitable for large-area carpet cleaning. They are relatively common in the European and American markets, but there are still relatively few in the domestic market. The reason is also because it will be very tiring to drag it back and forth when it is used, it is more suitable for a large area of ​​​​carpet, and the noise is also very loud. So it is not recommended.

Although the other bucket vacuum cleaner can be used in wet and dry conditions, it is generally very large and not suitable for use at home. It is more suitable for public places such as hotels, and is not recommended in ordinary people's homes.

Therefore, the recommended ones here are mainly horizontal and handheld, which are relatively more in line with the needs of the mainstream market.

1. Horizontal vacuum cleaner

In order to reduce the size of the horizontal vacuum cleaner and suitable for home use, the main body part is simplified, which is much smaller than the barrel vacuum cleaner, and it is more flexible to move. But it is undeniable that in terms of suction power and dust holding capacity, it is not comparable to a barrel vacuum cleaner. The suction head part of the horizontal vacuum cleaner is relatively flexible, and can go deep into low areas such as the bottom of the bed for cleaning. In addition, some recumbent vacuum cleaners are equipped with different suction heads, which can clean sofas or high places in addition to floor cleaning.

The advantages of horizontal vacuum cleaners are that they can enter relatively low areas, have high efficiency and relatively low noise, and have very flexible suction heads and strong suction. However, even if its cable length can be up to about 10m, it is still not so convenient because it needs to be used by dragging the fuselage, and it may also cause certain damage to the floor and furniture.

2. Handheld vacuum cleaner

The hand-held vacuum cleaner mentioned here is the one that looks similar to the upright vacuum cleaner in appearance, but is relatively lighter. Handheld vacuum cleaners are rechargeable and are characterized by their compact size and ease of use. The rechargeable design allows it to get rid of the shackles of wires, and it is more free when we use it to clean the room. As the originator of hand-held vacuum cleaners, Dyson is well-known in the entire vacuum cleaner field, so many people may be the first to know this type of vacuum cleaner when purchasing.

The advantage of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is small and light, and it is very convenient to store. Without the shackles of the wire, the handheld mode is quite convenient, easy to operate, and can also absorb dust for areas such as ceilings. However, if there is no line, it can only be vacuumed at one time, and considering the convenience of the dust box, the capacity of the dust box will be small, so overall, the battery life is a big problem.

If it is said that there is a large demand for vacuuming at home, multiple rooms in the home need to be cleaned. At the same time, there is a relatively large demand for vacuuming under the bed and other places. In this case, it is recommended to choose a horizontal vacuum cleaner. It can better meet the requirements for long-term vacuuming and vacuuming of some lower dead spots. Just when choosing a horizontal vacuum cleaner, remember to see if there are suction heads and bodies that are more friendly to the floor and furniture. If they are relatively friendly, they will be more comfortable to use.

And if only 1-2 small rooms are vacuumed at a time, there is a greater need for vacuuming in high places. In addition, I like to be portable in use, and it will not cause too much fatigue to myself. There is also a certain vacuuming demand for places such as beds, sofas and desktops. Then it is best to choose a hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is now a choice that young people prefer. But overall it is still suitable for fast-paced, infrequent use of people to buy.


Generally speaking, horizontal vacuum cleaners are the most commonly used, and hand-held vacuum cleaners are relatively flexible and wide-ranging. Different types still have their own suitable consumers, so everyone can't make a generalization, see which one is more suitable for your use and then choose~

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