Magical Uses of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

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Magical Uses of Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

Update: 04-11-2022

In the spring and summer, the cat's blood is strong, and the hair metabolism is also fast.

As the saying goes, the goose has plucked its hair, but as soon as Mommy walks by, she will lose two tufts of hair without plucking, and the hair is still light and will float in the air with the wind. A few days ago, I wonder if it was harmed by cat hair. Coughing and sneezing constantly, and cold in season.

The former owner comes with a small brush for brushing hair, and the effect is good, every time I can brush off a thick layer, the brush is full, and when brushing, the residual hair will float on the arm, making the hands and hands. The arms are itchy.

Even if it is stroked every day, the cat will still lose a lot of hair, on the floor, in the corner, on the table, on the blanket that Yi Chang is lying on, on the sofa...headache to the point of collapse.

I participated in a company event some time ago and won a sunshine award, for a wireless vehicle vacuum cleaner. When I saw this award, I immediately lost interest. The car is rarely vacuumed, and I did it when I washed the car. Things can only be put in the house to fall ashes, or choose a good day and auspicious day to sell it online.

It is said that because of this cat hair, an idea suddenly appeared, whether it can suck cat hair with this car vacuum cleaner, and I was immediately excited about this idea, plugged in the wire, fully charged, and started the test immediately.

I didn't expect the effect to be much better than I expected. Wherever the suction nozzle goes, the cat hair is sucked in instantly, on the floor, on the sofa, on the table, in the corner, and the cat hair is cleaned up in minutes. It is much more efficient than slowly wiping with a wet rag, and it will basically not stain your hands, just press the switch to get it done.

It’s really hard to find a place to break through the iron shoes, and it takes no time to get them. A seemingly useless car vacuum cleaner has accidentally solved the problem of cat hair flying around. Fortunately, it is very fortunate to share it with the shit-shoveling officers, if any The same trouble, might as well try, very suitable for friends with pets at home.

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